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Patrick is a character in the novel The Perks Of Being Wallflower. He is a friend of Charlie's, and is best friends with his stepsister, Sam. Initially in the novel, Charlie introduces him as "Nothing." In the film, he was portrayed by Ezra Miller.


In The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Patrick was a very bold, outgoing, funny type, who was never afraid of an adventure. When we first meet Patrick, in both the novel and the film, Charlie explains him making fun of their shop class teacher, Mr.Callahan. To prove his fearless demeanor, towards the end of his senior year, Patrick pulled a prank on him be spray painting all the tools in his shop pink.

Throughout the film, Patrick is seen continuously making witty comments, making people laugh, and is always seen to be high on life. However, Patick is also shown to have other layers. While never being described as "out," Patrick is identified as a homosexual within his close circle of friends. Despite his sexuality, Patrick refuses to let this side of him define anymore of who he is than the rest of him does. Midway through the story, Charlie explains that Patrick found himself in a private relationship with Brad, the quarterback at Mill Grove High School.  Nearing the end of the story, the two decide to go their separate ways, leaving Patrick feeling as though you "can't save anybody."

Much as Stephen Chbosky explains in the commentary version of the film, even at Patrick's low point, he isn't even found in his own sorrow. Patrick is only found crying once in the film, although he is seen crying countless times to Charlie in the novel over his break up with Brad. 



Sam and Patrick were step brother and sister, from the very beginning the two seemed to be attached at the hip.  At first glance, the two may have seemed like the outcasts, who sat around smoking all the time, and though the outcast bit may be true, the two of them have a lot more depth to them than just smoking and sitting around.  In both the film and the novel, the stepsiblings shared many laughs, and had a very similar witty sense of humour.  Patrick was incredibly wild and outspoken, which brought Sam's wildest sides out.  Their undeniable closeness and easy going demeanour made it especially easy for Charlie to feel welcomed and at home.


Patrick and Sam visiting Charlie after he got out of the hospital.

The two got along better than typical teenage siblings, as they not only shared the same group of friends, but seemed to never leave each other's company.  In the film, at homecoming they displayed a dance together called "The Living Room Routine", which implies that they made it together one night in their living room.  The two meant the world to each other and would never fail to bring out the brightest sides in one another.


Patrick breaks up with Brad after Brad's father catches them together. In the school cafeteria, Brad calls Patrick a "faggot" because Brad does not want his friends believing they are friends. Patrick attacks Brad, but Brad's friends beat him up. Charlie intervenes, lunging at Brad's friends, but blacks out. When he comes to, he finds he has bruised knuckles and the boys are on the floor in pain. Charlie helps Patrick to his feet and coldly warns Brad, "Touch my friends again, and I'll blind you". Patrick, Sam and Charlie reconcile. Patrick takes Charlie to a park and discusses how he witnessed Brad's father beat him when he found Brad with Patrick. Patrick then states his wish that he could meet a nice guy, and kisses Charlie, but immediately apologizes. He hugs Charlie and Charlie hugs him back.


Patricks friends include Mary-Elizabeth, Sam, Alice, Bob, Brad and Charlie.


  • In the movie trailer, Patrick Nothing is written in the namespace of Patrick's assignment evaluation.
  • In the movie, he has Nothing Hates U on his graduataion cap.
  • In the movie, Mr.Callahan, nicknames Patrick "Patty Cakes", while Patrick replies,"My name is Patrick; You either call me Patrick or you call me nothing." Thus begining the nickname "Nothing".

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