Michael Dobson
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Michael Dobson
14 (at death)
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Michael Dobson was a character mentioned in Perks Of Being Wallflower. He was Charlie's best friend in middle school. He committed suicide a year prior to the events of the novel. He is not portrayed in the film.


Not much is mentioned about Michael in the book, although it is suggested that he had "problems at home." He had been to Charlie's house before and slept overnight. Charlie references him when he is depressed. In a deleted scene, Michael is shown talking to Charlie about Charlie's new radio set and about his eventual girlfriend, Susan.

His DeathEdit

He killed himself with a gun. His parents said he left no suicide note, but he did give Charlie, as a present, a poem about suicide.


Family Edit

His family was known to "have problems" meaning they argued a lot and could have been abusive. This led to Michael's death.


Charlie: tries to deal with his death by going to see a therapist. Charlie breaks down when he finds out that Michael believed he had no one to talk to, saying 'he could have talked to me'.

Susan was his girlfriend at the time, and used to be friends with Charlie until Michael killed himself. Now she ignores and shuns Charlie. Charlie refers to Susan as a whore now. 

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