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Mary Elizabeth is a character in Perks Of Being Wallflower. She is Charlie's first girlfriend. In the film, she is portrayed by Mae Whitman.


Mary Elizabeth is very into social issues such as the Native Americans, objectification, and bourgeois. She cannot wait to start college and tells Charlie that she wants to explore lesbian relationships (page 144). Mary Elizabeth has a tattoo and a belly button piercing. She is fluent in Spanish and is a Buddhist convert. Mary Elizabeth publishes the monthly issue of Punk Rocky.


Mary Elizabeth shortly dates Charlie for a while but it does not work out. Charlie used to listen to her and hear what she had to say. At the end of the book she tells Charlie that now she was dating a guy she was really meant to be with. She argued all the time with her new boyfriend about social issues, and Charlie really didn't like Mary that much.

Mary Elizabeth breaks up with Charlie after a game of truth or dare where Charlie was asked to kiss the prettiest girl in the room. Instead of kissing Mary Elizabeth like everyone expected him to, he kissed Sam which caused Mary Elizabeth great sadness.



Alice, Patrick, Sam, Bob, and Charlie

Mary Elizabeth briefly dates Charlie, but Charlie becomes frustrated with their relationship because Mary Elizabeth doesn't seem to care about what Charlie's opinions are and she just keeps talking and talking. The two break up when Sam, Patrick, Mary Elizabeth, and Charlie are playing truth or dare. Patrick asks Charlie to kiss the prettiest girl in the room. He kisses Sam instead of her and he becomes isolated from everyone in their clique except Patrick.

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