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Charlie's Sister (Candace Kelmeckis) is a character in Perks Of Being Wallflower. She is Charlie's older sister, and is the middle child in the family. In the film, she is portrayed by Nina Dobrev.

Personality Edit

Candice is characterized by her brother Charlie as mean and he doesn't understand how so many boys could like her since she was so mean to them. Even though she is mean to Charlie, and sometimes their older brother, she actually is quite loving and understanding when she wants to be. She cares deeply for him. She is smart and Charlie likes her.


When Charlie witnessed Candice's boyfriend hitting her, she told Charlie to go upstairs. Candice was in love with this boy more than ever. Charlie told his English teacher which then he told his parents of what had happened and they forbid Candice from seeing this boy but she continued seeing him in secret.

Candice seemed to have lots of fights with her older brother. When he came home from college they are seen fighting and Candice insults his new girlfriend. He in turn says that his girlfriend would never let a guy hit her and then continue dating him, which causes Candice to start crying in the car. Then he apologizes and says that he didn't mean what he said.



Fights a lot with her older brother.

Charlie and Candice are very close, though they often fight. When Candace gets pregnant, Charlie drives her to Planned Parenthood to get an abortion. Charlie keeps the pregnancy a secret for her. In the film, Candice's pregnancy and abortion was not included, though only through deleted scenes.


In the book, she dates a boy who Charlie says "she is very mean to." The boy ends up hitting her in front of Charlie. Charlie tells Bill, his English teacher about the incident and Bill tells Charlie's parents. She is no longer allowed to see the boy, although she continues to secretly see him. Candice later ends up pregnant, and the boy breaks up with her, and she gets an abortion.

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