Biographical Information
Older than 18
Film Information
Adam Hagenbuch

Bob is a frizzy haired guy, who is part of the group of friends who befriend Charlie. In the Film, he is portrayed by actor Adam Hagenbuch.


Bob was born an only child, and his parents are never home. He also attends a part time community college, and want's to be a chef. In the film it is said that he went on a date with a girl who worked at the Olive Garden, but it didn't work out.

At a party at his house, he gives Charlie marijuana brownies, and later, he is present when Patrick tells Charlie he is a wallflower.

He is also part of Mary Elizabeth's "Rocky Horror Picture Show" productions.

During the group's Secret Santa, Bob received a handcrafted Native American marijuana pipe from Sam, and a little plastic tube of soap bubbles from Charlie, he spent the rest of the night blowing the bubbles at the ceiling. When Charlie read his poem, Bob claimed to have heard it before, and said it was a kid's suicide note.


Bob seems to have a very funny personality, and is very friendly to Charlie when they first meet, but according to Patrick, he is a hopeless stoner who attends the Culinary Institute.

Relationships Edit


  • Patrick
  • Sam
  • Mary Elizabeth
  • Alice
  • Charlie

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